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    kharisma jati-indonesia furniture manufacture wholesale

    Indonesia Furniture Manufacture Wholesale, Kharisma Teak furniture manufacture and wholesale. Located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. Since 1998 has experienced in the business of manufacturing and selling furniture. We have a production unit with sufficient capacity to produce large orders. In one month we are able to produce and ship 12 to 15 units of solid box indoor wooden furniture.
    Therefore Kharisma teak produces furniture made from teak wood, Mahogany and also types of mindi wood. In addition, we also work with a number of handicraft production vendors. We are able to produce work dams for large numbers, custom design as well as hotels, hospitals or office projects.


    Best Quality, Kharisma Jati produce high quality wooden furniture made of best quality material. Processed by skilled and experience carpenter. Every step production line will be supervised by one or two supervisor.
    Best Time Production, Furniture production line on Kharisma Jati is set with standard furniture production. Starting on Kiln Dry and end on storage room before send to customer.
    Best Price, Kharisma Jati furniture always be give reasonable price to our customer. Because we know and we want to build long term business with our customer.


    Kharisma Jati- Indonesia furniture manufacture wholesale realizes that continuous innovation is needed in the field of furniture sales around the world. Specially with regard to furniture design or models, we also noticed a shift in the basic functions of furniture.
    The style and pattern of one’s life is very influential on the decoration and furnishing models of the residence. Classic or modern, it all depends on the style and lifestyle of its users. The concept of modern lifestyle models of furniture to decorate the house will tend to be simple design with multi-functional use.
    To accommodate the special design needs of its users, Kharisma Jati prepares a design team that specifically works to design products according to the wishes of the buyer. The creative design and development team of new products, ensure aspects of furniture durability, construction strength and artistic performance of furniture are met in designed furniture products.
    Before being launched as a product sold to the market, Kharisma Jati furniture manufactures and wholesale carries out the necessary tests and evaluations. Because we always do product improvement and improvement.


    To find out our furniture production system, using the production system semi-machine furniture production process. Supported by modern production equipment or machinery, labor resources and wood working optimally. we combine modern machinery with a touch of art from the artisan in producing. Due to the fact that each piece of wood board furniture material has a special character that needs special handling as well.
    Not merely the amount of production that we are trying, but the satisfaction and beauty of art in furniture products is also what we want.
    There is a satisfaction in seeing our product users happy and happy and safe. As a note in designing and producing furniture products, we also prioritize the safety and health aspects of our product users. We make sure our furniture products are free of chemicals that are harmful to health.