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kharisma jati, furniture design

Furniture Design at Kharisma Jati Furniture. Furniture manufacture and wholesale located on Jl. Soekarno-Hatta km 6 Tahun, Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. We produce indoor and outdoor furniture made from teak wood. Our production unit is ready to work on orders with mass production capacity.

Because custom design and installation projects for offices and hotel rooms. our resources are sufficient to do that. We have a research and development division that works to create new furniture designs. The production unit is supported by machine resources. Carpentry and drying room with a capacity of 20 m3 once drying. we have 3 drying rooms.

kharismajati, furniture manufacture and wholesale
kharismajati, furniture manufacture and wholesale

Furniture Design

Another story Kharisma Jati furniture manufacturer and wholesale always innovates by designing home furniture products that adjust to market needs. Furniture designs for Indoor and Outdoor have a different center of gravity. Will generally have in common in the basic rules of designing. These two types of furniture. aspects that need to be considered designing furniture are:

  1. Strength quality
  2. Quality of construction
  3. performance quality (Display)
    the outline of the description of each aspect is as follows:


Another side factor strength is one of the main factors in designing a furniture. Strong in the sense of having endurance from climate attacks, weather, insects and fungi. Although this is more influenced by the type of raw materials. Further the quality of workmanship and construction design of a furniture product. The durability of an item of furniture will provide comfort in everyday use


Further the quality of construction and workmanship will have a very significant. Have impact on the quality of the strength of a furniture item. Perfect design is needed to produce a masterpiece of furniture. Both in terms of the size of each component and how it works. Kharisma Jati furniture has a design team from the development and research division. That will ensure the perfection of an indoor and outdoor furniture design. Careful calculations are needed to make a sturdy construction, so that when used furniture functions effectively.


Strong and high endurance is not enough. A furniture product made from solid wood also requires a touch of artistic taste, to decorate and beautify a room. Besides the function of each furniture product. In the aspect of performance, the quality of raw materials, raw materials (glue, screws, etc.) greatly affect the final product. Neatness of workmanship in the production process by wood workers. Especially when assembling also plays an important role in the final quality of an item.

You can be sure you will get the best quality furniture products. Kharisma Jati Furniture manufacture and wholesale. Are happy to design a furniture product for you. because we are able to design well.
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